Pear Snack Board Suppers Are the Next Big Thing


Cheese, charcuterie, and crudité are no longer reserved for pre-meal noshes, because the “snack board” is becoming a modern way to eat dinner. With busy families and varying tastes and dietary restrictions, this no-fuss way of eating is not only efficient, but also fun. And it’s an ideal way to incorporate pears into your evening meal. Here’s how it works…

Start with a simple pear preparation—crunchy Pickled Bosc Pears, crisp Pear Chips, or creamy Pear Butter are all great options for snack boards. Continue building out the selection by arranging a mix of seasonal vegetables, both raw and roasted, around the board. Choose a protein to make it a complete meal, and add breads, crackers, pita chips, or your favorite gluten-free alternatives. Round out the assortment with tasty accompaniments that bring it all together, like olives, sauces, nuts, and herbs.

Here are ideas for three different boards, each based on a theme, from a family-friendly feast, to a European smorgasbord perfect for hosting a wine party, to a vibrant vegetarian meal to serve any night of the week. Consider these a jumping off point and incorporate other ingredients you love, or just happen to have on hand. After all, the snack board is inherently not really a recipe at all, but an opportunity to be creative in the kitchen.




Tips for Building the “Pearfect” Snack Board Supper:

1) Cut pears and veggies into sticks and spears for easy dipping.

2) Mix cooked and raw pears and veggies for interesting flavor and texture.

3) Include a mix of pears, veggies, protein, and dairy to make a complete meal.

4) Consider this an easy way to create a vegetarian feast.

5) Use crunchy and creamy accoutrements for great texture play.

6) Buy some store-bought items like dips, cheese, meats, and olives for easy meal prep.

7) Choose healthy proteins like smoked salmon, roasted turkey breast, and hummus.

8) Use seasonal vegetables and accompaniments for the freshest taste.

9) Mix salty, sweet, and tart flavors to complement the flavor of pears.



Board 1: Family Feast—A mix of kid-friendly and parent-pleasing meats, cheese, fruit and vegetables. RECIPE

Pear Butter

Fresh Starkrimson or Red Anjou Pear Slices

Smoked Gouda Cheese


Roasted Turkey Slices

Sliced Salami

Roasted Baby Potatoes

Celery Sticks

Colorful Carrot Spears

Mixed Nuts




Board 2: Smorgasbord Supper—A European-inspired combination featuring smoked salmon, fruit, vegetables, and accoutrements. RECIPE

Pickled Bosc Pears

Fresh Green Bartlett Pear Slices

Smoked Salmon

Créme Frâiche

Soft-boiled Eggs


Roasted Winter Squash

Belgian Endive

Colorful Radishes


Dill Sprigs


Board 3: Mezze Meal—A vegetarian assortment of crunchy, creamy, and flavor-packed plant-based foods. RECIPE

Pear Chips

Fresh Green Anjou Pear Wedges


Marinated White Beans

Castelvetrano Olives

Pita Wedges

Sliced Cucumbers

Sliced Candy-Striped Beets

Cherry Tomatoes

Roasted Sweet Peppers



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