5 Extreme Ways to Rock Pears and Snack Foods

Dude, where’s my pear?! Snacking without a pear is a bogus move! Sweet and juicy pears have that totally insane flavor to rock out with pretty much all of your favorite snacks. Next time you have the munchies for something tasty, add a pear to the mix for an outrageously good combination that will light up your tastebuds with flavor. Need some ins-PEAR-ation? Start with these super tasty combos, where all you have to do is dip a pear slice for an explosion of snackable goodness.

Get lit: Crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos + Bartlett pear

Japan Fan: Smashed wasabi peas + Bosc pear

Kid again: Explosive Pop Rocks + Red Anjou pear

S’more Pears: Mashed graham crackers, marshmallow fluff and chocolate + Comice pear

Fast Break: Cereal and milk + Green Anjou pear

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