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VIDEO: Hand-Picked: The Story of Pears in the Pacific Northwest

The pear industry is truly unique in the agricultural landscape of America. Hard work, dedication, a strong sense of community, and an optimal growing environment allow the 4 growing regions of Washington and Oregon to grow some of the best pears on earth. Every step of the process is handled by people who truly believe in pears. Watch the video below for an inside look at the Northwest pear industry: Hand-Picked: The Story of Pears in the Pacific Northwest Hand-Picked: The Perfect Pear Growing Environment Hand-Picked: Grower Communities Hand-Picked: The Importance of Family Hand-Picked: Pears are Picked and Packed by

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Meet Our Growers

Like the fruit itself and the landscapes on which the trees sit, the people who grow pears come in a wide variety of sorts, from all kinds of backgrounds. Some growers were born to be fourth-generation farmers, while others stumbled into orchard life much later. There are growers for whom the many hats they wear make the job fun, and ones who work hard in the summer to spend those slow winter months with their families. But what all of them share is a passion for growing the best pears possible, whether that’s continuing the tradition of heirloom varieties from

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The History Behind Northwest Pears

Gift of the Gods: Pear History 101 While traces of pears have been found in prehistoric areas in Switzerland, the modern(-ish) history of pears begins 7,000 years ago with a Chinese diplomat named Feng Li. After becoming obsessed with pears he devoted his life to cultivating, grafting, and spreading his favorite fruit as far as possible. By the time the Greek poet Homer wrote The Odyssey, he referred to them as a “gift of the gods.” Roman farmers documented their extensive growing and grafting techniques, while also hoping to appeal to the revered goddess of fruit, Pomona. This may explain

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Orchard to Market: The Journey of a Pear

Growing The rich volcanic soils, long, warm days, and cool nights of the Pacific Northwest creates an ideal climate for growing pear trees. But well before the pears are plucked from the trees at the beginning of fall, pear growers have prepped and pruned the trees to help make sure they deliver the perfect pear. When spring rolls around, the trees come alive again: growers kick off the season by bringing in bees to pollinate the pear blossoms starting to decorate the branches. Later, as the first of the pears begin to grow, the grower will thin the incoming baby

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Pears May Support Cognitive Function (or “Brain Health”)

Emerging research has explored the connection between pear consumption and cognitive function. According to a study from the Rush University Memory and Aging Project, eating more flavonols – a beneficial compound found in foods like pears, kale, spinach, tea, wine and olive oil – may be associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Read the original article in Scientific American here and view the original research here.  

USA Pears Promotes Plant-based Meat Recipes Amid Shortages

Multi-faceted initiative includes influencers, website content, social media ads and more PORTLAND, Ore. – June 16, 2020 – Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) consistently develops fresh and innovative promotional strategies for USA Pears in a rapidly changing retail and consumer landscape. In direct response to meat shortages and higher prices throughout North America, the organization has launched a new initiative pairing fresh pears with plant-based meat and plant-based proteins, inserting pears into the increasing amount of consumer interest in and consumption of these foods. “Recognizing the interest in plant-based meat amid the scarcity and higher prices in the meat department, we

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Pear Bureau Northwest Responds to Shifting Retail Environment with Pear Storage and Ripening Tips

New video offers storage tips and reminds consumers that pears can be a long-lasting produce item.  PORTLAND, Ore. – April 29, 2020 – Northwest pears are still in season and available, and in response to the shifting retail landscape, Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) has been working to stay innovative with a number of communication tools. These include directing consumers to our 400+ shoppable recipes through organic and paid social media, focusing content on recipes that are easy to make at home, promoting pears for online shoppers, and helping consumers who are looking for longer lasting produce items. PBNW has shared

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Sweepstakes and digital media initiative to reach consumers, dietitians and retailers PORTLAND, Ore. – February 20, 2020 – To encourage consumers to keep thinking about fresh fruit as a healthy staple during an optimal time of year, USA Pears is once again launching the #WhatsInYourFruitBowl initiative. 2020 marks the third year USA Pears will be running #WhatsInYourFruitBowl, which takes place March 1-31, and this year is set to be the largest, most multi-faceted initiative yet. According to research, habits are more likely to be formed when there is a consistent cue. The simple and ubiquitous presence of a fruit bowl

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Pears tap into hot and spicy snack trend. Video is available for viewing here. PORTLAND, Ore. – January 7, 2020 – With the fourth annual ongoing efforts to present pears in new and exciting ways and reach new audiences, the organization has embraced the current popularity of hot and spicy snack foods by creating a short, humorous video highlighting pears and hot, spicy and savory chips. The video is aimed at generating pear interest among young adults and teenagers, as well as people of all ages who enjoy snacks such as Hot Cheetos and spicy Doritos. “Hot and spicy snack

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Worldwide pear sampling event returns for 4th year Access approved images, logos and retailer tools HERE PORTLAND, Ore. – November 13, 2019 – Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) will once again celebrate World Pear Day for the fourth year in a row. The event marks the start of National Pear Month, proclaimed as December each year by U.S. Department of Agriculture. Taking place on December 8th, World Pear Day will celebrate peak pear season with festivities around the world where consumers will get to enjoy fresh pear samples from the Northwest at a variety of venues. The international event will be chronicled extensively

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