Northwest Pear Industry Takes Another Step Forward in Their Commitment to Flavor

New Anjou Regulation Helps Ensure a Good Consumer Eating Experience

PORTLAND, Ore. – April 20, 2021 – The pear industry in the Pacific Northwest has added a regulation for Anjou pears in a move to increase consumer satisfaction when they purchase pears in the early season. “The pear industry understands that flavor drives repeat purchases and consumer satisfaction. We also know that the majority of consumers want to eat pears within 1-3 days of purchase,” said Kevin Moffitt, President and CEO of Pear Bureau Northwest. “This Anjou regulation is the latest step in the industry’s efforts to deliver high quality fruit that will ripen properly and in a timely manner to satisfy consumers’ desire for sweet, juicy pears. We are excited to see this quality standard implemented to improve pear eating quality.”

In a process that was started last June, the industry-led Fresh Pear Committee (FPC) voted through USDA process to lower the early-season pressure requirement for Anjou pears to help ensure that the pears receive the post-harvest cooling they need in order to ripen properly. Beginning with a 10-point justification from the FPC, the USDA thoroughly reviewed the request and, after eleven months, the new regulation will go into effect this Friday, April 23.

“Successful passage of this regulation is just one more action showing retailers and consumers that our industry is committed to bringing them the best eating quality for pears grown in the Northwest,” said Moffitt.

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