#PearPizza Campaign Generates Pear Excitement During National Pizza Month

Pears continue mission to elevate pizzas worldwide

PORTLAND, Ore. – September 30, 2021 – Just in time for National Pizza Month, USA Pears is bringing back its pear pizza takeover campaign. Following a successful execution the past two seasons, resulting in greater consumer awareness of pears on pizza, the organization is bringing the campaign back for its third year. The latest iteration of the campaign includes a consumer contest on social media, influencers and bloggers creating and sharing their pear pizza recipes, and major retailers posting pear pizza content for their shoppers.

The natural sweetness and soft texture of pears is a perfect complement to the savory flavors of pizza, and USA Pears is committed to showing consumers across North America how delicious and accessible this combination can be. With many consumers still staying home and looking for simple recipes, and many others venturing out to restaurants, pizza continues to be a popular meal option.

This season’s #pearpizza campaign kicks off October 1 with a consumer social media contest, where entrants are required to share a picture of their own pear pizza creations or their orders at restaurants. The campaign also includes influencers and brand ambassadors sharing pear pizza content on the USA Pears social media channels and retailers promoting the usage of pears as a topping.

“Every year we see more and more consumers and restaurants using pears as a pizza topping in their personal kitchens and on menus. Adding fruit on pizza can still be a hot button issue for many people, but the approachable sweetness of pears, especially the 10 varieties that come from the Northwest, makes them ideal for using in savory dishes such as pizza,” said USA Pears Creative Marketing Manager Neil Ferguson. “The application of pears to the dishes we eat every day can elevate them from simple and basic to flavorful and sophisticated, not to mention adding nutritional value. There are so many delicious flavor possibilities when it comes to using pears as a pizza topping, all of which have the ability to present this classic dish in a new light.”

Though they are sometimes overlooked in savory dishes, pears are a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of recipes. The multi-faceted campaign is an effective way to engage consumers with pear content and offer an easy and delicious way to eat more pears and add more healthy produce to their pizza.

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