8 Pear Recipes For Thanksgiving

Family gatherings, office parties, and other celebrations often lead us to overindulgence during the holidays. But don’t we deserve to treat ourselves every so often? These are the perfect times to count on pears! They’re sweet, juicy and delicious, and also high in fiber while being sodium free, fat-free, and cholesterol free.

Pears are a healthier alternative for many holiday dishes. Even if whatever you’re cooking isn’t exactly healthy, you can at least add nutritional value simply by including pears. Plus, all 10 varieties of USA Pears are in season during the holiday season, which means there are lots of pear recipe possibilities.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are pleased to round up some pear-a-licious recipes that will make your meal special. From sides and sauces to appetizers and desserts, these delightful dishes are sure to make mouths water.