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Pear Vinegar

20 minutes
Prep Time
  • pear scraps, peels, cores, and bruised bits
  • a large jar that fits all the scraps
  • water
  • mother of vinegar (you can purchase one, or use live vinegar – just look for “with the mother” on the bottle)
  • piece of cloth to cover the jar and rubber band to hold it in place
  1. Put all of the scraps and peels into your well-cleaned jar, and fill the jar with water
  2. Cover the jar with a cloth rubber band it into place. This cloth also allows it to breathe as it ferments
  3. Set it aside on your counter or in a cabinet away from direct sunlight. After a day or two, little bubbles will appear as the pear and water begin fermenting
  4. Strain out the pears and solids and return the liquid to a clean, wide-mouthed jar
  5. Add the mother of vinegar. Or if you are using a live vinegar, shake up the bottle and pour in about 2 tbsp
  6. Cover the jar with cloth and a rubber band again

After a day or so, you’ll notice some white oil slicks appearing on the surface of the liquid. It will continue to grow until you have a healthy mother of vinegar. The vinegar mother looks like a white, translucent, rubbery plug on the top of the ferment, similar to a scoby to make kombucha.

After about a month, strain the vinegar and pour it into sanitized bottles.

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