5 Fun Ways to Use Pears for Halloween

Halloween is that time of year when we all get to gorge ourselves on candy and feel slightly less guilty. Besides the fact that they are naturally sweet and (in our biased opinion at least) taste better than candy, pears come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are as delicious as they are festive. The 10 varieties of pears fit right in with an array of fall dishes, but they also can be used for all sorts of Halloween fun! If you’re looking for some spooky ways to use pears, we have some fun ideas on our website and we also think these recipes from around the web will send tasty chills up your spine!

Caramel and Chocolate Dipped Pears

Sweet and juicy Northwest pears make for a delightful fall treat when dipped in caramel, chocolate, and even white chocolate. You can use toppings of your choosing!

Halloween Ghost Marshmallow Apple Pear Pie

Who ever thought to turn a pie into a ghostly treat? According to Anna Can Do It, the pie is “sweet and spicy, absolutely autumnal, thanks to the apple and the pears.” Count us in! Photo and recipe by Anna Can Do It!

Spooky Poached Pear Skulls

With this recipe, A Baker’s House poses the question: who knew pears could be so spooky? We certainly didn’t! Fresh Bartletts come together with berries, honey and ginger for this devilishly simple dish! Photo and recipe by Holly Baker (A Baker’s House)

Oven Poached Pear Ghosts

There is a common misperception that poaching pears is difficult, but this delightful recipe shows just how easy it can be. You won’t be saying boo when you tasty these adorable pear ghosts poached in cinnamon and maple syrup. Photo and recipe by My Gorgeous Recipes.

Pear Mummy Pies

You had us at puff pastry. These pears wrapped in buttery puff pastry take on an extra creepy effect when baked to pear-fection! Photo and recipe by Krys Melo (melodrama).

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