Warm Winter Centerpiece

The secret of this wreath is to alternate large and small pears, and use three different height candles. This gives the wreath its flowing visual rhythm. Bosc pears create an elegant feeling with their distinctive form. For a more traditional red and green look, try Anjou pears.

  • Wreath from a florist or store
  • Pears: 6-8 Bosc pears, varying sizes
  • Pine cones
  • Ribbon
  • Florist wire
  • Candles in 3 heights
  • Saucer (optional)

Begin with a store-bought wreath. Insert a 12- to 16-inch length of florist wire through each pear crosswise, and wire them onto the wreath alternating large and small pears. Add in small pinecones, using wire to secure them. Weave a length of gold ribbon loosely through the arrangement. In the center of the arrangement, add candles in three different heights to echo the visual rhythm of the pears. You may wish to place these on a saucer or base to protect your tabletop.


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Warm Winter Centerpiece