Gold and White Centerpiece

The gold and white elegance of pears and roses make this creation ideal for New Year’s celebrations or winter weddings. Using crystals or beads in place of pearls creates a slightly different tone for this beautiful arrangement.


  • Bowl or other base
  • Florist foam and tape
  • 6-8 Bosc pears
  • Greens such as cedar or pine
  • Sprigs of juniper berries
  • 10-12 white roses
  • Wooden florist picks
  • Strands of pearls, beads, or crystals
  • Pruning shears

Secure a foam base in your bowl by taping it down. Begin inserting and arranging greens as a base. These should spread out enough to cover the tape on the bowl. Next, build up the structure of the centerpiece by securing five or six of the pears, using the wooden picks. Then begin filling in with greens, roses, juniper berries, and the rest of the pears. Drape the strands of pearls or crystal beads around the centerpiece. You can water this arrangement as necessary by gently pouring a small amount of water onto the foam. Only add as much as the foam can absorb.

Florist tip: Make sure your strands of pearls will stay in place by securing them with wooden picks that have a little wire at one end that you can attach to the pearls and insert into the foam.

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Anjou pears add a perfect touch of whimsy to an exuberant spring arrangement in terra cotta. Perfect for Mother’s Day, or any spring or summer festivities.