Go green and get your culinary jig on this St. Patrick’s Day

pretty diced pear and apple chutney in a jar

Many Irish staples carry an impressive nutrient profile. You can boost the benefits even further by complementing them with flavorful, nutritious pears. Here are 4 ways to do it: 1) Irish Oatmeal Start the day with a festive batch of oatmeal. Prepare this simple recipe for Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oats, then speckle with pieces of bright green Anjou pear (in season now!). 2) Soda Bread This quick and easy 5-Ingredient Whole-Wheat Irish Soda Bread is hearty and satisfying without breaking the calorie bank. Serve with a spread of pear jam or spoonfuls of pear chutney and chunks of sharp cheddar cheese. 3) Potatoes Spuds get a bad reputation for being unhealthy but are actually filled with important nutrients, including potassium, iron, fiber and B-vitamins. Bake, mash or cut into fries and roast in the oven. Serve with roasted chicken Continue reading

Luck ‘o the Irish with USA Pears

So pears and leprechauns might not have too much in common, but I still think you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend with USA Pears. In fact, I often amuse (or annoy?) my family members with my way of bringing pears into the fold. Pear and pancetta crisps at Easter! Pear crostini for a Thanksgiving appetizer! Pear tart for Christmas! You see the pattern… Here’s a roundup of delicious-looking pear scones, which I’m generously interpreting from the original Irish soda bread. The two pastries originated in different countries, but they’re both quick breads, and they’re both quite accommodating of pears. Any of these combinations sounds like a great way to celebrate: Whole Wheat Pear Scones from Marcus Samuelsson Maple Nut and Pear Scones from EatingWell Pear Scones with Almond Glaze from Two Cooks One Kitchen If your festivity-making leans Continue reading