Year of the Snake

Chinese New Year is upon us once again, and the Year of the Snake is sure to be extra-exciting for USA Pears – which, for the first time, will be available in China! We’re very excited to introduce USA Pears in Chinese supermarkets. The first Green and Red Anjou pears are currently on a ship en route over the Pacific. To celebrate the holiday – which takes place on February 10 this year – in China as well as other Southeast Asian countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, we’re setting up special pear displays in the produce section. Shoppers can receive USA Pear festive gift boxes and red envelopes to symbolize good luck and prosperity for the New Year. Red Anjou is particularly popular in Asia thanks to its unique and auspicious color.  So this variety is a great choice for Continue reading

Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year celebrations kick off on January 23 this year.  We’re joining in the celebrations for the Year of the Dragon in many countries in Southeast Asia.  Shoppers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Taiwan will see special USA Pear displays and giveaways with purchase.  In some markets, customers receive a “6-pack” USA Pear gift box so that they can mix and match varieties. The color red is considered lucky in Chinese culture, so whether it be an addition to one of the traditional meals or as a gift exchanged between family and friends, Red Anjou pears are a perfect addition to the festivities! You, too, can ring in the New Year by incorporating Red Anjou pears into one of our Asian-inspired recipes, like Braised Pears with Soy-Ginger Glaze, Grilled Asian Shrimp Skewers with Pears, or Spicy Wasabi Pear Lettuce Continue reading

Celebrating CNY with Flying Colors!

In honor of Chinese New Year, I thought we’d visit one of our Asian markets this week.  We recently held a coloring contest in Taiwan.  Sounds simple enough, right?  I know I participated in many a contest at my local grocery store growing up, for every holiday – even taking home 3rd place and $10 prize one year for my bunny and Easter egg masterpiece.  But Taiwan’s dense population (meaning, there’s a lot of people living in a relatively small amount of land) turned into 10,000 entries! Art professors and local artists judged the contest and announced 106 winners.  At first glance, you might not realize that each entry started with the same coloring sheet—so you can see that we received some very customized and creative entries! Don’t forget to pick up some Red Anjou pears for the year of the Continue reading

Ringing in the Chinese New Year

Red is everywhere you look in February! In addition to Valentine’s Day and the “Go Red” campaign for National Heart Month, this year Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) takes place on February 14. Chinese New Year celebrations last several days, and typically include visits to family and friends, new clothes for a fresh start to the new year, and an abundance of red decorations.  The color red is considered a lucky color in Chinese and other Asian cultures.  A traditional gift for Chinese New Year is money enclosed in a red envelope, thought to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. Although mandarin oranges are an especially popular fruit during Chinese New Year, it’s also the perfect time of year for Red Anjou pears.  Juicy and sweet with a brilliant red color, they fit right in with the festivities! Continue reading