A Pear Walks into a Bar…

Why did the pear go out with the prune?

Because he couldn’t find a date.


We found a recipe that said it needed “five pears, cubed.”

125 pears is a lot for one pie…


What kind of fruit helps a lawyer?

A pearalegal


What do you call an island filled with fruit trees?



What are twins’ favorite fruit?



I was at the grocery store today and someone picked up a piece a fruit and asked me if it was a pear.

No… there is only one..


I gave my friend a peach. He said, “thanks, but I would rather have a pear.”

So, I gave him another peach.


I was told shoes come in pears.

Well, mine came in a box so someone is lying to me.


Where do fruits go on vacation?



I wondered if Noah liked apples, then I realized he preferred pears.


Why was the pear by himself?

Because the banana split.