Pears in School

As an educator, you already know the important role a healthy diet plays in building a strong foundation for growth and learning in children – that’s probably how you found us!

As you may already know, fresh pears are a wonderful addition to daily meals. Pears are a fun fruit to teach kids about, too. You’ve come to the right place for fruity fun facts! Did you know that pears don’t float? Or that pears are one of the few fruits that don’t ripen on the tree? Check out our Tree to Table section for more juicy facts on pears.

The growers of USA Pears are committed to helping educators and school foodservice professionals like you to teach the importance of good nutrition.

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Pear-ing up to teach good nutrition

Healthy habits are best learned at a young age, when children are still establishing eating habits that will last a lifetime. Outside the home, classrooms and cafeterias provide the best source of nutritional education.

Bring pear nutrition lessons to the classroom with our school kit! Geared toward teachers and foodservice professionals, our school kit includes a range of material suitable for elementary-aged schoolchildren. Our complimentary kit includes foodservice recipes, activity sheets, sample materials, and more.

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