Pear Bureau Northwest Recruits Top Luchador, Psycho Clown

Luchando por Estar Bien (Fighting for Wellbeing) fights childhood obesity in Mexico 

PORTLAND, Ore. – January 28, 2021 – Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) is partnering with one of the most famous Mexican wrestlers (Luchadors), Psycho Clown, who will tout healthy, delicious pears to his broad fanbase. Psycho Clown comes from a luchador family, son of Super Porky, and brother of La Goya, growing up in the luchador community and interacting with lucha libre fans his entire life. He is considered one of the best, most popular luchadors in Mexico and one of the most well-known among kids.

This partnership expands on the success of a luchadores broader school outreach and in-store promotion campaign called Luchando por Estar Bien (Fighting for Wellbeing). PBNW is the lead organization in a USDA grant-funded joint activity taking place in Mexico with four other fruit commodity groups – Washington Apples, NW Cherries, California Pears and US Blueberries. The program teaches kids the benefits of eating fruits in a fun, action-packed way. The 2020-21 season marks the fourth year of the joint activity.

Psycho Clown is aware of the childhood obesity problem in Mexico and will add zest to this program and validate its message to help kids follow a heathier lifestyle.

“Working for Luchando por Estar Bien is something that really thrills me, and at the same time excites me and motivates me to give it my all in my trainings and in my diet, and to be sure that what I’m eating gives me mental and physical strength, such as fruits,” said Psycho Clown. “I’m ready to help all Psycho Loco kids as much as I can, to make them as passionate as I am about eating healthy and delicious foods such as pears. For me, it is a pleasure to fight together with our participating fruit for the cause of good eating!”

Due to COVID-19 closures of schools in Mexico, PBNW has moved the Fruit Luchador school outreach from in-person events to virtual events. The Fruit Luchador actors started performing three to four virtual events per school per day from November through February and will potentially resume in-person outreach events from May through July if the pandemic situation has improved. The outreach events are being conducted in the three largest cities – Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. In-store promotions are also planned with retailers that are still allowing outside promoters into their stores. While sampling is no longer allowed, the demonstrators can distribute promotional giveaways and encourage consumers to buy the promoted U.S. fruits.

Teaming up with Psycho Clown is a major way to boost the Fruit Luchadors in their fight against Mr. Obesity, Dr. Laziness and Mr. Diabetes. You can follow their battles on Facebook – Luchando por Estar Bien | Facebook.

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