Pear Bureau Northwest Launches Shoppable Recipe Technology on Website

PBNW partners with Whisk to make 400+ pear recipes available for online shopping

PORTLAND, Ore. – July 18, 2019 – As part of several innovative tactics being implemented for the 2019-20 Northwest pear season, Pear Bureau Northwest has officially launched technology on its consumer website to make its pear recipes shoppable to consumers. The tool allows visitors to the website to purchase ingredients from the online retailer of their choice directly from the recipe page, making for a seamless and efficient pear-purchasing experience.

To implement this unique technology, Pear Bureau Northwest has teamed up with Whisk, a platform that enables frictionless food experiences by connecting the world’s recipes, products and shopping choices using artificial intelligence and deep learning. The company was recently acquired by Samsung NEXT. Tracking over 500,000,000 user interactions per month, Whisk’s clients and partners include Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, Food Network, Allrecipes, General Mills, Nestle, McCormick and Unilever among others.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for convenient ways to do their shopping online and from a mobile device. Adding Whisk’s technology to the USA Pears website allows us to provide consumers with the easiest possible way to purchase pears whenever they are browsing pear recipes. We have over 400 pear recipes on our website, and we are excited to offer a tool to make every single one of them available for purchase,” said Kathy Stephenson, Marketing Director of Pear Bureau Northwest.

As the September kick-off for Northwest pear season approaches, the organization will be promoting the shoppable technology through social media and newsletters in order to drive consumer awareness. Through a continued investment in organic (unpaid) social media posting and targeted digital ads across multiple platforms, the organization will drive traffic to its website and encourage the use of the purchasing and shopping list options now available in all recipes. With consumers looking for quick and accessible grocery shopping options across the digital landscape, the partnership with Whisk marks a bold new direction for Pear Bureau Northwest as the organization continues to find creative ways to drive pear consumption.

Visit to view and try out the tool. Watch an introduction video to Whisk here.

Access USA Pears logos and visual assets here.

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