Grazing Boards for Kids

If you’re looking for a fun, and healthy, activity for your kids, building a charcuterie board together is a terrific way to create a nutritious snack or even a meal. We’ve created some fun boards for many special occasions, including birthday parties, game day, Halloween and Thanksgiving. At the end, click to download a PDF with instructions and more information. Now, let’s get started!

Why do we think grazing boards are great for kids? The first is that you are giving them a choice. You are setting out different food options and allowing them to choose what they want to eat. They are also an easy way to change things up around meals and snacks! And one more thing, grazing boards are never the same. They are meant to be switched up, making snack time more fun! There are really endless possibilities! Sometimes just a presentation that looks different and unique can spark an interest in new foods. If you are hosting a themed-party or a gathering for a holiday, grazing boards are a great way to feed guests. And the grazing board can serve as a decoration for your party! We often say that a good grazing board should be used as your centerpiece! Same is true for a kids gathering!

We believe that any favorite kid snack works for a kid-friendly grazing board. Like adults, children love to see their favorite treats on a tray! Just remember to mix in some vegetables and fruits (especially pears) in order to encourage them to enjoy healthy options as well!

Pears are PEAR-fect for Kid-friendly Grazing Boards

We all know that kids grow at rapid rates which means that they have higher nutrient needs. Pears offer high amounts of fiber and contain Vitamin C. Plus, they are also cholesterol and fat-free. Not only are pears good for kids, they enjoy eating them. After all, they are usually one of the first “foods” they are introduced to as babies.

Pears are a great finger food for kids. They can also use slices of pears instead of bread for cheese and meat toppings.

How to Make a Grazing Board Kid-Friendly

Decide on a theme and color scheme. In our ebook, we have four great options to get your creative juices flowing. Choose a board or platter: round, square, rectangle etc. Depending on your theme, you can find theme-specific boards to use. Decide if you want sweet or savory foods or a bit of both. However, don’t forget the pears! Make sure to include easy to grab and eat finger food options. Especially things that you know kids love. Create focal points with cute or colorful dip dishes and containers. It is important to fill these with snacks or dips and place them on the board. When building the board, start with food items that need to be in bowls or dishes. Create small groups of food items all over the board. Use smaller items to fill any gaps. There are no rules. And the best part is that you get to make it your own and share it with those you love!

You can find the link to download the full ebook complete with recipes and ideas here