Gourmet Pear Gift Baskets

A pleasure to give and a delight to receive, a gourmet pear gift basket is an elegant and thoughtful gift that is remarkably quick and easy to make yourself.


Fresh USA Pears provide a versatile focal point that pair exceptionally well with a variety of cheeses, wines, and nuts. Experiment with your own gift basket combinations or try a variety of our gourmet chef recommended pairings provided below. Make the basket even more elaborate by adding items such as a cookbook, wine glasses, or a cheese board. There’s no limit to your creativity!

Comice, Bosc, Red and Green Anjou Pears

  • Blue Cheese
  • Candied Nuts
  • Riesling Or Pinot Gris Wine (Optional)
  • Your Favorite Specialty Crackers Green Anjou Pears
  • Brie Cheese
  • Toasted Almonds
  • Sparkling Wine Or Sparkling Pear Cider (Optional)
  • Start by selecting the pears. Choose three or more based on your preference of size, flavor, and color from varieties of usa pears like green or red anjou, yellow or red bartlett, bosc, comice, concorde, forelle, or seckel. Select the other items you wish to include in your gift basket, then find a basket with a size and shape that will accommodate all of your gift items.
  • Cover the bottom of the basket with a layer of shredded paper.
  • Position the largest sized object in the basket and arrange pears and other items by size leaving the smallest sized items for last in order to fill in any gaps. As you work, fill space between items with shredded paper so that they fit snugly in the basket

Tip: if you choose a deep basket, you may choose to use a box, newspaper, or extra shredded paper to help elevate your items to the top of the basket. Just cover with the decorative shredded paper and your basket will ‘rise to new heights!’ You may choose to decorate your finished gift basket with a bow made of ribbon or raffia. In addition, wrapping the entire basket in clear or tinted cellophane gift wrap will help to protect it while in transport. Place the basket in the center of a large piece of cellophane wrap (you may need two sheets), and pull all sides up to the top of the basket. Secure by tying snugly with a long ribbon.

Download Gourmet Pear Gift Baskets Ideas (pdf)