Pear-fectly Memorable

This week, I’m letting other pear fans do the talking. Read on for some of the ways that pear lovers enjoy our favorite fruit! Meghan from Spokane, WA shares this memory, “I love home-canned pears. We enjoy a family recipe that’s fairly straightforward, but contains more fruit juice than sugar. They are Bartlett pears canned after we pick them in season. There’s nothing I love more in the winter then enjoying something I made that’s SO good. As I eat them, I remember picking with all my cousins and family as a child, and sneaking away to eat one before I got caught. Grandmas always catch you!” Lori of Jacksonville, NC says, “Hmm…I honestly don’t remember exactly how my grandma poached her pears (probably halved in water or juice – she was a teetotaler, so no wine), but I do remember Continue reading