A Convenient Truth

My students follow a trimester schedule, which means that finals week is coming up very quickly! I’ve noticed, over the past few weeks, that they are bringing more convenience foods to snack on during class… especially fast food and “bars” of all sorts (candy, energy, granola, etc.). Although these foods serve a purpose, usually a quick fix on-the-go, there are certainly better choices available. Here’s the kicker: My students are all studying nutrition to become registered dietitians! Intrigued, I asked a couple of them why they made these choices. The answer? The same that any of us would give – they’re busy, stressed, not getting enough sleep, and don’t have any time. As a teacher and registered dietitian, I know that proper nutrition fuels academic performance and helps our bodies cope with stress (work, school, family, the holidays). So follow Continue reading

Eat Your Lunch in Style!

November 15th is the last day to take advantage of our free Pear Packer offer with BUILT!  Choose from the wide selection of stylish insulated neoprene lunch totes on builtny.com, and when you’re ready to check out, simply enter the coupon code pears.  You’ll receive a free Pear Packer that’s pear-fect for taking ripe pears on the go! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Bringing your lunch with you just got a lot cooler.

Good news for pear lovers:  Now through November 15, when you purchase a BUILT lunch tote online at builtny.com, you’ll receive a free pear packer, courtesy of USA Pears.  We like to say the Pear Packer eliminates the “squish factor” that ripe pears can suffer without proper protection! Visit usapears.org for details, and don’t forget to pack ripe, juicy USA Pears in your new lunch tote! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Pack a Pear!

In Colorado, locals have a summer passion for climbing fourteeners, mountains taller than 14,000 feet. In fact, Colorado has more than 50 fourteeners! Over this past weekend, my husband and I thought we would be adventurous and give Mt. Elbert a shot; at 14,433 feet it is the tallest mountain in the Rockies. It was a strenuous climb that took us a total of seven and a half hours, but the summit view was well worth it! One of the necessities of taking on any strenuous activity is fueling the body. When hiking, biking, running, or partaking in any activity for an extended period, the body needs energy from carbohydrates to keep going. Glucose, the primary energy source used by the body, is stored in the liver and muscles and circulates in the blood to continually fuel the tissues. This Continue reading