Any Season Wreath

Brighten a door, wall, or entry anytime.  A garden-inspired wreath adds warmth and hospitality to celebrate any season of the year.


Wreath form and twigs to cover your wreath, or a twig wreath from a florist

  • Pears: 2 Green Anjou and about 6 Seckels &/or Forelles
  •  Greens such as Pepperberry sprigs
  • Sprigs of seasonal flowers
  •  Moss
  •  Florist wire
  •  Wire cutters
  •  Pruning shears

Select a wreath frame in the shape you’d like. We used square. Make bundles of twigs using

florist wire. Wire the twig bundles to the frame at the stem end, overlapping as you go.

Tuck in your greens/pepperberry sprigs next. Wire them if needed for stability. Insert a 12” –

16” length of florist wire through each pear, and wire them onto the wreath. Tuck sprigs of flowers and seed pods into the wreath, wiring them in place if necessary.

We used flowering eucalyptus, green chrysanthemum poms and milkweed pods. Florist wire and wreath frames are available from a craft store or florist. A twig wreath can be purchased from a


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Any Season Wreath