Charming Potted Pears Centerpiece

  • 4 3-1/2” Terra cotta pots, sprayed gold
  • Florist foam and hobby knife
  • 4 wooden picks
  • Pears: 2 Green Anjou and 2 Red Anjou, plus about 6 various pears
  • About 16 sprigs of juniper berries, depending on size
  • Holiday greens
  • Seasonal berries or rose hips
  • 3 small vases
  • Pruning shears

Begin by creating your potted pears. Trim a piece of florist foam to fit snugly into the pot. Place the pear directly into the center top, using a wooden pick to secure it in the foam. Then tuck the sprigs of juniper into the pot around the pear (enough to hide the foam). Place the potted pears in an evenly spaced row down the center of your table. Place the small vases between the pears. Place a tiny sprig of berries and a wisp of greens in each vase. Then arrange greens on the table, flowing around the pears and vases. Loosely scatter the remaining six pears.

You could place one charming potted pear at each guest’s place, and then send it home as a party favor! This centerpiece works well on long holiday tables since it has a low profile and can be doubled for longer tables.


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Charming Potted Pears Centerpiece