The No-Resolution Revolution

fruits and veggies

New Years’ resolutions don’t work! Unfortunately, we tend to make the same, hopeless resolutions year after year. According to studies, the usual resolution is weight loss…  But, Americans continue to gain weight. The overweight and obesity rate in the United States is now 69%, or about 7 in 10 Americans!1 So why do we continue to make resolutions?!

Ditch the resolution: It’s time for a no-resolution revolution. It’s as simple as this: Small changes make a BIG difference, but big changes make a small difference. What do I mean? We often set ourselves up for failure by setting unrealistic goals when we can slowly, gradually make small changes over time; small behavior changes make weight changes that add up over time. This is what leads to permanent behavior change and weight loss! Studies suggest that drastic changes are less likely to stick around than small changes, such as increasing fruit and vegetable intake. Before making another resolution, resolve to make small changes. Happy New Year!


About Amy Kweller MS, RD

As a Registered Dietitian, I have a professional relationship with pears. But as someone who loves great food, I also have a personal relationship with pears! So there is no better way to spend my time than blogging about this lovely fruit. I will blog about pears from farm to table; healthy living, cooking, and recipes; the therapeutic benefits of pears and a wholesome diet; and how pears can fit into your lifestyle. I have a background in clinical and community nutrition, and teaching others how to lead healthy, fulfilling lives is my goal and passion – so send me your questions. My hope is that everyone who visits this site will find something that lingers long after the browser closes, and I expect that will be a deeper love of pears!

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