Print with Pears

Ahhh, summer. The sun is shining, the days are long, and the new school year is weeks away… and your kids are dying of boredom.

Save them with this fun craft courtesy of Family Fun. They say it’s great for Christmas gifts—we say it’s great for everything! Pears are almost always in season, and with this do-it-yourself wrapping paper, you can enjoy them even when they’re not. (Which will be soon, so get busy!)

Pick up some Anjou pears at your local grocery store—their egg-shape outline is quintessentially pear. And when winter does roll around, you can use little Seckel pears or long-necked Bosc to give your wrappings variety.

Kids can use the rainbow of pear colors for inspiration, too. They can re-create the brilliant red of a Starkrimson, paint the pretty blush of Comice pears, or use metallic colors for a twist on the russeted Bosc.

And just think, when summer ends, grocery stores everywhere will be filled with fresh USA Pears—something worth waiting for!

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Hi! I’m Brittany Wilmes, program coordinator at Pear Bureau Northwest. As half of the Communications and PR department at the Pear Bureau, I write about pear pop culture for The Pear Dish—sharing everything pear, from fresh recipes to community involvement to fun décor ideas. Have an article or idea to share? Feel free to email me! In addition to blogging, I’m busy sharing the pear love on behalf of the Pear Bureau Northwest…and eating USA Pears!

7 thoughts on “Print with Pears

    • Hi, Dot! Thanks for your interest! If you click on the links within the post (see: “fun craft”), you’ll be directed to a more detailed explanation of how to create the wrapping paper. Have fun!

    • Rebeka, we love your blog, too! We’ll definitely be visiting Pears and Owls for insPEARation! Thanks for the comment!

    • Rebekah – I wanted to chime in and say I LOVE your blog, too! I saw your posts on a few Orla Kiely pear items – I have quite a few things from the kitchen collection. I’ll have to blog about them sometime soon… 🙂

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