Summer Re-treats

Summer is my favorite time of year, and this past weekend my husband and I made our first camping excursion into the mountains. Base camp was nestled just above a rushing river in the shadow of striking mountains, an idyllic setting to relax and enjoy some cold beverages and fresh food. Some of our delectable selections included summer’s bounty of fresh produce – berries, watermelon, tomatoes, corn on the cob, and of course, fresh pears.

Whether you camp or just like to have friends over for a barbecue, it’s easy to fall prey to the usual summer foods. You know the foods I’m talking about – processed foods, such as chips and dips, mayo-based salads, and processed meats. And if your idea of getting outdoors in the summer is to hike, cycle, or paddle, these foods can really zap energy and weigh you down. However, the warm weather months deliver plenty of fresh foods packed with optimal nutrition and a burst of mouth-watering flavor appropriate for any event. Need to rethink the treats for your next outdoor activity? Think fresh fruit. Fruit provides nutrients, energy, and fiber to help keep you energized, but since fruit is not calorie-dense, it won’t sink your swimsuit figure.

This weekend, we head back to the mountains for a music festival. Sometimes it’s hard for me not to overindulge at these summer affairs, so I plan to pack scrumptious pears and other fresh foods ideal for grilling and snacking!

About Amy Kweller MS, RD

As a Registered Dietitian, I have a professional relationship with pears. But as someone who loves great food, I also have a personal relationship with pears! So there is no better way to spend my time than blogging about this lovely fruit. I will blog about pears from farm to table; healthy living, cooking, and recipes; the therapeutic benefits of pears and a wholesome diet; and how pears can fit into your lifestyle. I have a background in clinical and community nutrition, and teaching others how to lead healthy, fulfilling lives is my goal and passion – so send me your questions. My hope is that everyone who visits this site will find something that lingers long after the browser closes, and I expect that will be a deeper love of pears!

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