Love Infusion with Anjou Pear

The winners of our annual recipe contest in Hong Kong were recently announced.  We received over 60 food and drink recipes competing for supermarket gift cards to help the winners buy – what else – more USA Pears (but other groceries, too).  The entries were judged by a popular magazine in Hong Kong based on the recipe’s creativity, tastiness and nutritional value. One of the winning recipes below sounds delicious – but also quite interesting.  And with a name like this, I’m only sorry that I didn’t have it in time to make for Valentine’s Day.  It’s easy to make – give it a try at home and let us know how it turns out!  I’m interested to hear about the milk/cream/sugar concoction and what flavor it adds to the recipe.  You can tell everyone that you’ve prepared an authentic recipe from Continue reading

Liquid Pear-fection

The winners have been announced for this year’s USA Pear drink recipe contest in Hong Kong, and the results are refreshing!  The amateur mixologists are challenged to create an original, non-alcoholic drink recipe featuring USA Pears, for a chance to win gift cards to their supermarket of choice. For more USA Pear drink recipes, have a look at the winners from last year’s contest in Hong Kong, as well as the beverage recipe page on  You can also check out our pear-fect pear cocktails. Here’s the recipe for this year’s winner for “Most Delicious Anjou Pear Drink.” Winning drink:  “Fanaticism Anjou” Ingredients ½ of one Green or Red Anjou pear 2 slices ginger 100ml wheat grass juice Ice Cold water Directions  1) Peel, core, and slice the Anjou pears and ginger into small pieces 2) Mix ginger and water in a blender Continue reading

Bosco Sails the South China Sea

On my last day in Hong Kong, I grabbed Bosco and took a ride on the Star Ferry across the incredible Victoria Harbour.  The 10-minute ride cost me only 2.50 Hong Kong Dollars, which is about $0.32 in the U.S. (Bosco rode free), and provided spectacular views of the impressive city skyline. In Hong Kong, the wet market is a popular place to buy fresh foods, fruits, and vegetables, which of course includes pears!  The name comes from the fact that the floors are typically sprayed down with water to keep things clean.  There are many stalls, each offering an assortment of products.  Customers are looking for freshness, quality, and more variety than what is usually found in a grocery store.  The indoor market that I visited also provided air conditioning – a nice break from the humidity! Facebook Twitter Continue reading

Celebrating the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Greetings from Hong Kong! I’m wrapping up a two week tour of visiting the markets in Southeast Asia. It will be a few more weeks until the ships arrive with the first USA Pears of the season, but I have learned a lot on this trip to help prepare for the new crop! In Singapore and Hong Kong especially, the Chinese population is getting ready for the Mid-Autumn Festival. To celebrate, streets are decorated with lanterns, and typical foods include mooncakes – which are made from lotus seed paste – and pomelos. Look familiar? They look like giant Green Anjou pears! Pomelos, however, have a thick rind and the fruit itself is made up of wedges, like an orange or other citrus fruit. There is such a wide variety of tropical fruits available in these markets, so it was fun Continue reading

Spring in Bloom

In the spirit of the season, we’ve been doing some spring cleaning and organizing here at the office.  While going through the USA Pear archives, I came across this lovely “vintage” poster from Hong Kong.  It looks like a work of art, no?  And it’s perfect for this time of year – the orchards will soon be full of pear blossoms in bloom! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Holiday Delight!

You may not be eligible to enter our holiday drink contest in Hong Kong, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the spirit of the season with a delicious USA Pear concoction.  If you’re not up for experimenting and coming up with your own original recipes, check out the beverage section on our website.  Try one of our festive cocktails or opt for a non-alcoholic refreshment like the ones pictured above.  You might not be familiar with a couple of the ingredients – so either drink is perfect if you are in the mood for something a little exotic! “Purple Angel” 1/2 Red Anjou pear 10-15 blueberries 8 Lychee 3 strawberries Splash of cranberry juice Crushed ice Slice all the fruits into pieces and combine all ingredients in blender. Pour and enjoy! “Cinnamon Ginger Anjou” 3 Green Anjou pears 2 slices ginger Continue reading