Love Infusion with Anjou Pear

The winners of our annual recipe contest in Hong Kong were recently announced.  We received over 60 food and drink recipes competing for supermarket gift cards to help the winners buy – what else – more USA Pears (but other groceries, too).  The entries were judged by a popular magazine in Hong Kong based on the recipe’s creativity, tastiness and nutritional value.

One of the winning recipes below sounds delicious – but also quite interesting.  And with a name like this, I’m only sorry that I didn’t have it in time to make for Valentine’s Day.  It’s easy to make – give it a try at home and let us know how it turns out!  I’m interested to hear about the milk/cream/sugar concoction and what flavor it adds to the recipe.  You can tell everyone that you’ve prepared an authentic recipe from Hong Kong!

USA Pears HK Recipe Contest

Winning dish: Love Infusion with Anjou Pear (Caramel Chocolate Anjou pear)

Winner: Leung Choi Hung


1 Green Anjou USA Pear

10 squares of a chocolate bar

1/4 cup crunchy rice cereal

2 teaspoons sugar

1/4 cup milk

1/4 cup cream


1. Boil milk with cream and sugar. Place pear into this mixture and keep refrigerated for 2 hours.

2. Heat the chocolate until completely melted. Place the cereal on a plate or flat surface.

3. Remove the pear from the fridge; coat with melted chocolate.

4. Roll the chocolate-covered pear in the cereal until coated.

5. Wait for chocolate to become firm; serve and enjoy!

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I work with USA Pear marketing offices that work in 38 countries all over the world: from Latin America to the Middle East, from Europe to Southeast Asia and places in between, our representatives serve markets on every continent except Antarctica. I love the opportunity to practice my Spanish and pick up new phrases in other languages (even if it’s just the basics of “hello,” “goodbye,” “thank you” and of course “pear”: pera, birne, гру́ша [GROO-sha], and more to come). I’ll be sharing highlights of the exciting and interesting activities that are taking place to promote USA Pears around the world. My favorite pear variety is Comice. Yum!

One thought on “Love Infusion with Anjou Pear

  1. I read your article, Love Infusion with Anjou Pear 2012.
    I am convenced it must have been hard to select a winner, the Anjou Pear is delicious fruit. I pput together a gather every Christmas holiday for my friends & family. Its my gift on how grateful I am for their love.
    The Caramel Chocolate Anjou Pear is so delicious, I have included it to my Christmas Menu. It will be a beautiful dessert to deplay to my friends & family.
    Thank you for such a beauty.

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