Springtime Entertaining with USA Pears!

mache-post-4Remember that recipe Amy mentioned in her last post?  The one that combines sweet green Anjou pears with nutty mâche greens, with added flavor from ingredients like fresh tarragon, sliced fennel, and shaved Parmesan?  Well, USA Pears has teamed up with Epic Roots to develop this special salad, and we’re sure it will impress your family and friends at spring picnics and brunches.

If you’re wondering what exactly “mâche” is, you’re probably not alone.  Mâche (pronounced “mosh”) is a salad green that first became popular in Europe during the Renaissance period, where it was loved for its flavor, texture and color.  Today, our friends at Epic Roots grow their mâche in northern California, where the soil and climate is perfect for growing these tasty little green rosettes.

mache-post-2Not only will you find this special recipe on packages of Epic Roots Mâche now through mid-April, you’ll also notice a coupon for $1 off the purchase of 2 packages of any Epic Roots Mache Salad!  We hope you’ll try it – we’d love to hear how you like (and hopefully love) the tasty combination of fresh pears and fresh mâche!

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