Nutrition from the Ground Up

mache-salad-largeLately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about nutrition from the ground up. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m talking about National Nutrition Month! Every March, people suddenly get interested in nutrition and my phone rings off the hook, and this year the American Dietetic Association chose the theme Nutrition from the Ground Up. The good news is, people truly are interested in nutrition. The bad news is, after April 1, the calls dwindle. Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean we should only focus on our health right now!

This year’s message is an important one. The twofold meaning is that we should eat more fruits and vegetables, and that we should start with a basic foundation of healthful foods and build up from there. Fruits and vegetables make up the foundation of a healthy diet, because they’re full of vitamins, minerals, water, fiber, and other naturally occurring compounds including antioxidants.

Interested in nutrition from the ground up? Start simple. Try eating more fruits and vegetables by eating fruits and vegetables together! This packs a powerful punch because it increases your nutrient intake while teasing your taste buds. Right now, USA Pears is featuring a recipe that combines sweet green Anjou pears, nutty mâche greens, fennel, and parmesan in a zesty dressing. I made this recipe over the weekend, it’s delicious and I couldn’t get enough!

So start simple: add some pears, your favorite veggies, dressing or nuts, and get creative. Eat from the ground up for better health!

About Amy Kweller MS, RD

As a Registered Dietitian, I have a professional relationship with pears. But as someone who loves great food, I also have a personal relationship with pears! So there is no better way to spend my time than blogging about this lovely fruit. I will blog about pears from farm to table; healthy living, cooking, and recipes; the therapeutic benefits of pears and a wholesome diet; and how pears can fit into your lifestyle. I have a background in clinical and community nutrition, and teaching others how to lead healthy, fulfilling lives is my goal and passion – so send me your questions. My hope is that everyone who visits this site will find something that lingers long after the browser closes, and I expect that will be a deeper love of pears!

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