Prosciutto-Wrapped Pears

In a recent effort to impress a group of acquaintances, I scoured the Internet for a simple, but dressy appetizer with USA Pears. Ever since they learned I work for the Pear Bureau, they’ve been asking me to bring pears to the next gathering. They said they were joking, but I told them I’d do it anyway. Enter this deceptively simple recipe: Prosciutto-Wrapped Pears. They look beautiful on a platter, but with only four ingredients, they’re so easy to make!

To start, I caramelized an onion over medium heat and then added some reduced balsamic vinegar. You could also drizzle balsamic reduction over the finished product, but mine wasn’t quite as syrupy as I would have liked.

I cored and sliced some Anjou pears, keeping the skin on for color. It’s helpful to slice them into planks, not angled slices—this keeps the toppings where you want them.

Next, I laid a piece of prosciutto down, put a pear slice on top, and piled a few pieces of caramelized onion on top of the pear. I wrapped the prosciutto around the pear and onion, and voila!

Thanks to The Food Addicts for the inspiration! Note: they baked theirs for extra crisp and sizzle; I, well, forgot that step entirely. But my friends gobbled them down anyway! Enjoy.

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Hi! I’m Brittany Wilmes, program coordinator at Pear Bureau Northwest. As half of the Communications and PR department at the Pear Bureau, I write about pear pop culture for The Pear Dish—sharing everything pear, from fresh recipes to community involvement to fun décor ideas. Have an article or idea to share? Feel free to email me! In addition to blogging, I’m busy sharing the pear love on behalf of the Pear Bureau Northwest…and eating USA Pears!

3 thoughts on “Prosciutto-Wrapped Pears

  1. I would love to make this recipe for eight people. However, I do not have the complete recipe for the prosciutto wrapped pears as featured . e.i: how many pears, how much prosciutto, how much balsamic venegar and also the complete recipe for caramelized onions. Do you have something that can help me along those lines.
    I’m a beginner at this.
    Thank you so much

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