A Pear-fectly Sweet Easter

For me, it finally starts to feel like spring when Easter rolls around. Everything’s awash in pastel colors, the weather is (hopefully) warming, and fresh spring foods take the menu: asparagus, lamb, berries. This year, I decided to bring together my love for great food and creative crafts with these little Easter projects:

Sweet Easter Treats

Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt, right? There’s the spring sunshine, the thrill of the hunt, and best of all, the eggs! Filled with chocolate or coins, they’re a small but sweet award. Imagine if your next Easter basket looked like this after the hunt:

Beautiful! But let’s take a closer look.


These aren’t your ordinary Easter eggs. They’re egg-shaped Anjou pears! Decorated with a careful hand and some sugary cake frosting, these pears become even sweeter. They’d be delicious sliced and shared with the family – even better if the decoration was done in chocolate!

Here’s another twist on a classic Easter dish.

Deviled Pears


Swap out the hard-boiled egg for a ripe Anjou pear, fill the core with golden raisins or mincemeat, and sprinkle with cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg. Ta-da! An Easter tradition, transformed.

How are you getting creative with your menus and crafts this spring?

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