Get Crafty: Bedazzled Pears

OK, the holiday season is upon us! Even though I’m not ready for it, my co-workers are playing Christmas music and we’re talking turkey over our morning coffee. That, along with these short, dark days, is urging me to settle in for a long winter. Here in Portland, it’s wet, gray, and getting colder every day. I figured the easiest way to bring a little cheer to my days is to get crafty! It’s especially fun because I’m not a crafter at heart. I have my artistic interests, but they lean more toward reading and writing than painting and stitching.

But I knew my first project when I saw this in the November issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray:

Bedazzled pears?! Yes! Those “inexpensive” rhinestones weren’t quite so inexpensive at my local grocery store, so I picked up just a few packets of (adhesive) rhinestones and added a bottle of gold puff paint.

Here are the results:

Wouldn’t these be adorable on a Thanksgiving table, or even at a New Year’s Eve party? The idea is versatile, simple, and festive. I’ll toast to that! Oh, and watch this space for upcoming editions of Get Crafty (with USA Pears)!

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