5 Ways You Can Celebrate World Pear Day 2017

2017 marks the second year we are officially celebrating World Pear Day, which kicks off National Pear Month in December.  We are excited to share the festivities with pear lovers around the world on December 2. Beginning in New Zealand, people will have the opportunity to taste a variety of USA-grown pears via pop-up sampling opportunities in more than 24 countries including China, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico and the U.S. for 24 hours of continuous sampling and promotion of USA Pears. For those of you looking to pear-take in the fun, here are five ways you can celebrate World Pear Day!


1. Use the hashtag #WorldPearDay!

Part of what makes World Pear Day so exciting is the chance to connect with pear lovers across the globe, and the best way to do that is by joining in on the conversation using the #WorldPearDay hashtag. Show your pear love on social media by sharing your favorite variety (do you even Anjou, bro?!), posting pictures of pears, making silly pear puns, or just saying whatever comes to mind! Whatever you post, make sure to use the #WorldPearDay hashtag. And who knows, maybe you’ll even win a prize?!

2. Help break a world record!

This year we are kicking things up a notch with a Guinness World Record attempt! As part of our 24 hours of continuous sampling activity around the globe, we will be aiming to break a record in the following categories:

Largest distribution of pear samples


This a lofty goal but with your help we can succeed! If you live in one of the 24 countries where pear sampling events will be held, keep an eye out at your local supermarket or grocer. If you come across a sampling event, do your part to help us break a record by enjoying a pear!

3. Share a pear!

Sweet and juicy pears are so much better when shared with friends. Check the Neck to make sure your pears are ripe, grab a pear slicer, and hand out slices of fresh pears to as many friends as you can gather.  All 10 varieties of USA Pears are in season right now, so it’s the perfect time try out new ones. You’ll be the life of the party.

4. Test your culinary skills!

Pears are delicious on their own, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to cooking with them. From baking to poaching and everything in between, there are plenty of chances to put your culinary creativity to the test with pears. If you’re looking to cook something that is quick, easy and healthy, here are some recipes that are sure to impress:

Bartlett Pear Quesadilla

Pear “Toasts”

Baked Pear Trail Mix

Browse through tons more pear-a-licious recipes HERE!

5. Get your sample on!

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Starting in New Zealand and ending in Portland, Oregon (home of USA Pears!), we will be hosting pear sampling events in 24 countries over the course of 24 hours. Whether you live in Abu Dhabi or Sao Paolo, there will be opportunities to taste a handful of different pear varieties. Not only that, but representatives from USA Pears will be hosting games and giving out pear-iffic prizes at each sampling event.

Make sure to follow @USAPears on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for World Pear Day updates! 


Happy Birthday, MyPlate!

It’s already been a year since Michelle Obama and the USDA revealed the MyPlate logo, which has helped thousands of Americans make healthier choices when grocery shopping, preparing meals, and eating. Thankfully, we went from the confusing, complicated MyPyramid (where’s the nutrition?) to the streamlined, easy-to-understand MyPlate. And just in time, too – statistics from the Centers for Disease Control show that more than 1/3 of American adults are obese, as well as 17% of all U.S. children and teens. It’s time we make healthier choices, for ourselves and future generations!

So as MyPlate celebrates its first birthday, I thought I’d share some timely tips for keeping your party plates fresh, colorful, and healthy!

  • See things in a new light! Even simple ingredients can be re-imagined in exciting new ways. Take my recent example: I had delicious roasted radishes in a restaurant last week. I would never have thought of cooking radishes! But it’s totally simple – tossed with oil and sprinkled liberally with sea salt, these are a mellow, sweet side dish. They’d be perfect for a backyard barbecue!
  • Make things festive with garnish. It’s deceptively simple, but the addition of spices, fresh herbs, or nuts can boost a dish’s allure. Put pear slices in your salads, sprinkle sliced almonds on sauteed veggies, and dust your grilled meats with fresh herbs. Who needs restaurants when you can play chef in your own kitchen?!
  • Try something new. Turn to other cultures and traditions for inspiration! Italians regularly serve up plates of cheese with fresh pears and other fruits. Simple, fresh, healthy.
MyPlate is 1 year old. Click here to wish MyPlate a Happy Birthday!
For more great nutrition tips to supplement all your summer parties, visit www.choosemyplate.gov.


Love your lunch.

I’m quite proud of my capability to pack a lunch for work every day. Aside from a stint when I first moved back to Oregon and spent my time bouncing between Chipotle and Nordstrom Café for lunch, I make my best effort to brown-bag it to work. It’s cheaper. It’s healthier. It feels better!

Needless to say, pears star regularly in my homemade lunches. Here are my top five ways to make your lunch better – with USA Pears:

  • Pack ‘em up. When I have a ripe Anjou pear at home, I bring it to work in a pear packer (to protect it from bruises, of course). At lunch time, I slice it up and slather it liberally with almond butter. Yum.
  • Perk up your tuna salad. One of my go-to lunch recipes is a fresh, homemade Tuna Waldorf Salad, created by my friend Melissa. Her original recipe calls for a diced apple (a Granny Smith is a lovely choice), but when I’m looking for something sweeter to provide contrast to the crunch of the nuts and the lemony mayo, a Bosc pear works wonders. You can even make it fancy by serving spoonfuls of salad on top of circular pear slices. Oh, yeah.
  • Slice them over a salad. You know the combo – fresh greens, some spiced nuts, maybe some pungent crumbly feta or gorgonzola (but not if you’re cheese-averse like me), dressed with some slightly sweet vinaigrette.
  • Slurp down some pear sauce! Yes, it is the lesser known relative of applesauce. And it’s delicious. I’ll be sharing my super-simple recipe for Bosc Pear Sauce in a few weeks. In the meantime, check out our friend Brook’s Cinnamon Pear Sauce (or for a wintry spin, the gorgeous Bosc Pear Cranberry Orange Sauce).
  • Treat yo’ self. Although I never save any of my dessert for lunch the next day, it would be nice. One of my favorite (and totally easy) treats is to slice a Bosc pear, sauté it in coconut oil, and sprinkle it liberally with cinnamon. I put it in a bowl and add some cold almond (or coconut) milk. Oh, so good! Another appetizing option? Pack part of a dark chocolate bar in your lunch box and enjoy with ripe pear slices.