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Pear Pizza with Brie Cheese and Rosemary

There are so many combinations when it comes to pear pizza. Instead of traditional mozzarella, this recipe uses creamy brie cheese and fresh rosemary to contrast with sweet and juicy Anjou pears.

Savory Pear Pizza

Using a prepared pizza crust makes this an effortless meal or a beautiful and savory appetizer.

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10 Easy-to-Cook Recipes with Pears

We’ve selected 10 of our absolute favorite pear recipes that are simple and quick to prepare, and are sure to result in big smiles and full bellies. Many of these also use pantry staples!

5 Tasty Gluten-Free Pear Recipes to Try at Home

One of the most wonderful things about pears is that they are a safe food to eat for many special diets and for those with dietary restrictions. This includes gluten-free, and we have a large selection of gluten-free recipes to satisfy every craving.