Six Ways to Slice A Pear

You know pears are versatile—you can eat them fresh, preserve them, and cook them in dishes both savory and sweet. But have you thought about the fun you can have with pear shapes?

Whether you’re an adult who likes to play with your food, or a parent who needs help convincing your kids that healthy foods are fun, you’re sure to get some ideas from this blog post. I’ve rounded up six simple ways to slice a pear. This is just a starting point—from these designs, you can coax new recipe ideas, invent delicious desserts, and have fun with your food. Enjoy!

Simple slices: Cut, remove the seeds, and eat! Dunk into yogurt or nut butters if desired.

Lengthwise slices: This cut is great for sliding into quesadillas and sandwiches.

Crosswise slices: The seeds make pretty stars with this cut. You can remove the seeds with a corer, too. Sliced thinly, this style makes for perfect pear “chips” when dried.

Balls: These are made with a melon baller, scooping out the widest part of the pear. As this photo shows, pear balls take a simple dessert idea and make it quite elegant. Simply glaze the pears, spoon over ice cream, and serve! You can also dip pear balls into a solution of diluted lemon water and stick them on a toothpick for an elegant cocktail garnish. Pear “olives,” voila!

Julienned: Cut ‘em like toothpicks. Or matchsticks. Or batons. Whatever term suits your fancy. This cut is essential to making excellent pear slaw.

Diced: This cut readies pears for salads and side dishes.

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