Torin Koos Takes Another Title

Our favorite cross-country skier, Torin Koos, won his fourth U.S. Nationals title on Sunday, January 2 in Rumford, Maine. I caught up with Torin after his championship win to ask him about his 2011 racing season. Here’s what he had to say:

USA Pears: How did you prepare for the race?

Torin Koos: The last couple weeks I’ve ratcheted up the intensity of my training. This takes me from being fit to being fast. I start racing in November. The season doesn’t end until April, so I decided I want to start skiing really fast from January on. It seems as if my preparation and planning is spot on.

The morning of, I eat a big bowl of oatmeal, topped with real maple syrup and slices of Anjou pear for more pizzazz, as well as a bit more fiber. In the winter, I cut out the coffee every day except for race day. So I get a little extra pick-me-up with some locally roasted caffeinated coffee beans to add to the early morning culinary experience.

After this, it’s off to the races to test equipment, get in a good warm-up and keep my head clear of everything except seeking speed at every opportunity.

USA Pears: What does it feel like to win another national championship?

TK: Taking home a national title has a special feeling of accomplishment. The biggest thrill comes in the moment of racing, though. I had a definite game plan about how I would win this race. After this, it was up to me just to go out there and execute. And it just so happens on a day everybody was aiming to be in top shape, I had the best combination of fitness, tactics, technique, and skis.

USA Pears: What’s next for you?

TK: U.S. Nationals also doubled as the 2011 World Championship Trials that start in late February in Oslo, Norway. The crowds and competition should be incredible there, and I’m really looking forward to being even better there. Directly from Maine I’m heading to Davos, Switzerland for a couple weeks before meeting up with my Norwegian race outfit, Team Sjusjoen, to race in the Scandinavian Cup circuit before Oslo.

Congratulations, Torin! We’re looking forward to hearing more good things in 2011.

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