The Time is Ripe for Pears: Philadelphia

Last week, we visited the City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia! (Where I learned that “philadelphia” literally means “brotherly love” in Greek. Duh.) We saw the Liberty Bell, the famous LOVE sign, and lots of beautiful fall colors.

For our first stop, we ventured across the river to neighboring Cherry Hill, New Jersey to share ripe pears with eager shoppers at the local Wegmans grocery store. What a gorgeous place! I’m envious there aren’t any Wegmans stores in my area—I’d be shopping there now. Lots of busy moms—and their savvy kids—were out on this Monday morning. Watch our video to see what they thought of USA Pears!

After that stop, we swung by John’s Roast Pork to sample their famous (and deservedly so) cheesesteaks, answering lots of questions about our T-shirts along the way. Again, we commented that the sandwiches would have been delicious with some sliced pears inside (especially if they were sauteed), but we didn’t have time to pick up a pear before we chowed down.

On Tuesday, we were treated to a delicious pear lunch created by Chef David Katz of Meme Restaurant. We devoured it all, from a pear-fectly purple salad of beets, wine-poached pears, and red cabbage to a delicious olive oil cake topped with pear ice cream. Watch this clip to see behind-the-scenes at Meme!

We’ll be sharing Chef Katz’s delicious flatbread recipe soon! And remember, only four weeks remain in The Time is Ripe for Pears sweepstakes! Don’t forget to enter if you haven’t already – and share the pear love with friends and family! Click here for more info.

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