The Time is Ripe for Pears: Miami

On our all-too-short tour stop in sunny Miami, we enjoyed friendly people, lots of great food, and of course, the sunshine! We dropped in at the Whole Foods Market in Coral Gables to sample ripe Bartlett, Starkrimson, and Bosc pears. Watch this fun video to see what our fans had to say about our pears:

In the evening, we went to Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink in the design district for a decadent spread: four courses of pear desserts! We were on a sugar high for hours. And it wasn’t an ordinary sugar kick – we were treated to dishes by renowned pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith, a fellow pear fanatic. Watch this video to learn how she uses pears in her dishes:


Hedy also shared the recipe for her Pear Panini with Membrillo and Manchego.

Inspired by Spain, this lavish dessert had the perfect balance of salty and sweet, with fleur de sel sprinkled over the fruity quince spread and sliced pears. Visit the Michael’s Genuine blog to get the recipe.


Before leaving Miami, I took a quick walk on the beach to soak up some sun. Here’s the gorgeous view from my hotel room!

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We’re halfway through our tour already, but we still have four great cities to visit. If you live in or near Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, or Portland, join us at an upcoming event to taste ripe pears and enter to win dinner for two!

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