The Skinny on Weight Loss

Swimsuit season is fast approaching, and many of my students have come to me for help with weight loss. Unfortunately, overweight and obesity continue to be problems across America. The most prevalent setback I see in clients’ diet recalls and food journals is that they eat too many processed foods. Many of them have even tried fad diets, fasting, and pills. These approaches don’t work! The only weight loss method that truly works is to adopt a healthful lifestyle change.

So how do you change your lifestyle? First, you have to want to change your lifestyle, not just for a quick weight loss, but for good. Secondly, you have to be patient; healthful fat loss takes time! Finally, you have to eat well and exercise. As it turns out, most people I’ve counseled are willing to do anything to lose weight except eat well and exercise… And this leads to a vicious cycle ending in weight gain! It’s simple to start a lifestyle change: Cut the junk. Switch your processed snacks to fresh fruit with a protein, think a pear with a little cheese or nut butter. Substitute processed foods for fresh vegetables at each meal, but only use a little fat for flavor. Once you’ve cleaned up your plate, kick up your workout routine, even if it’s by 5 minutes. Now you’re on the road to a healthier life!

About Amy Kweller MS, RD

As a Registered Dietitian, I have a professional relationship with pears. But as someone who loves great food, I also have a personal relationship with pears! So there is no better way to spend my time than blogging about this lovely fruit. I will blog about pears from farm to table; healthy living, cooking, and recipes; the therapeutic benefits of pears and a wholesome diet; and how pears can fit into your lifestyle. I have a background in clinical and community nutrition, and teaching others how to lead healthy, fulfilling lives is my goal and passion – so send me your questions. My hope is that everyone who visits this site will find something that lingers long after the browser closes, and I expect that will be a deeper love of pears!

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