Be empowered to shift your perspective around food and your body!

woman cooking in the kitchen

As the summer months quickly approach, the buzz around diets and weight loss become more and more prevalent. This summer, try shifting your focus from deprivation and that elusive “bikini body,” which you already possess, and take the opportunity to slow down. It’s so easy to get caught up in the “shoulds” and “wants” that you may forget to glorify the little things that make your life rich on a day-to-day basis. Be empowered to shift your perspective around food and your body! When you breathe, slow down and harness food gratitude, you’ll be pleased to learn that eating can be an extraordinarily joyful experience. Eating requires that you engage all your senses, which cause your brain to release feel-good chemicals, elevating your mood and evoking feelings of trust, enjoyment and relaxation. Let’s try it! Take in and embrace what Continue reading

Health Wise

I have struggled with my weight since third grade; I grew up obese, slimmed down in college, gained the weight back… but now live in a healthy, sustainable weight range for my body. My life is happily full of fruits, vegetables, and exercise, things I didn’t like as much growing up. As a dietitian, my weight struggle is sometimes embarrassing to admit, although the truth is, it makes me a better dietitian. Instead of obsessing about calories, I try to maintain a positive attitude and think of my daily food as a budget. Think of how you spend your money every month and let that be your guide. Fruit, vegetables, and lean protein are my basic needs to live – just like my mortgage, utilities, and groceries. These make up the majority of my budget and I need them every Continue reading