Pears in Space!

Every so often I come across something really awesome and fun in the USA Pear archives.  This time, it was “Peras USA en el Espacio” – “USA Pears in Space!”  The idea is a little kooky, but I immediately fell in love with this book that was a giveaway for kids in Panama, Colombia, and Venezuela back in 2000.  Inside I found paper doll-style pears and everything needed to build my own spaceship.  It was a great way to get kids in South America familiar with the different varieties of USA Pears.  I couldn’t resist – I got out my scissors and glue stick, and put together the spaceship full of little astronaut pears. Now, this activity didn’t really require a lot of creativity on my part, but there was some craftiness involved.  A couple of weeks ago Brittany shared lovely homemade pear Continue reading