Snack Right to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

Office candy dishes, gifts of baked goods, parties, dinners, and extra-packed to-do lists all shuffle in with the holiday season. And increased stress levels can also follow suit. While we can’t do your holiday shopping for you, we can offer up a helpful tool for keeping your energy level stable, your mood happier, and your weight steadier during the holiday season… snacks. But not just any old snacks will do, follow these four tips to ensure your snacks are energy-boosting powerhouses. Use the Rule of 2: The combination of protein, high fiber/less processed carbohydrates, and fat is one that keeps blood sugar and energy levels stable for hours. At mealtime, make sure you have this triple threat (+ veggies!) on your plate. At snack time, aim for at least 2 of the 3…what we call the “rule of 2.” Examples: Continue reading

Pear and Pineapple Green Smoothie

Looking for a smoothie that combines both fruits and vegetables and still tastes delicious? Look no further! This recipe includes a full cup of spinach and several sprigs of brightly-flavored cilantro. These flavors are balanced by the honey-sweetness of pear and the tanginess of pineapple. Add refreshing coconut water as a base, and you’ve created the perfect green smoothie. Ingredients 1 ripe USA Pear, such as Anjou, Bartlett, Concorde, or Comice, cored and cut into large chunks 1 ½ cups cubed pineapple 1 packed cup spinach 10-12 sprigs fresh cilantro 1 cup cold coconut water Directions Place all of the ingredients into a blender and puree at high speed until smooth. prep time: 5 minutes yield: 2 servings Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Here’s the Apps.

I’m pretty good about cooking most of my meals at home during the week, so I depend on apps, websites, and blogs to keep me inspired with new recipe ideas and easy planning tips. Here’s a roundup of our favorite recent apps: Epicurious: The Cook’s Companion price: free The motherlode of recipe compilation, this app is filled with recipes for all occasions and meals – most of them straight from the pages of world-class food magazines like Bon Appetit and Gourmet. Each recipe includes an easy-to-read shopping list and user reviews. (Hint: Try the Roasted Pears with Blackberries, Ricotta, and Lavender Sugar!) Whole Living Smoothies price: $0.99 This unique app is all about delicious (ahem, Pear and Avocado) and restorative smoothies. For less than a dollar, you’ll have inventive smoothie recipes at your fingertips, including allergen-free and detox options. The Continue reading