Chilled Lime-Scented Pear Soup

I unearthed an old cookbook from my shelves while doing some recent spring cleaning, and among the dated photos and unoriginal cheese-nut-pear salads, I found an interesting recipe that I think will be just perfect for the warmer months to come. (Pop quiz: Can you guess when this was published? I was off by two decades—the fussy food styling threw me.) This chilled soup blends pears with spices and lime juice for a refreshing summer starter. Chilled Lime-Scented Pear Soup The delicate essence of pears, accented by a whisper of fresh lime juice, is unmistakable in this silky smooth soup. For a refreshing hot-weather lunch, serve the soup in chilled bowls accompanied by a mixed green salad and bread sticks. Ingredients 1 cup dry white wine 1 cup dry vermouth 1 cup apple-pear juice 5 small ripe pears (preferably Taylor’s Continue reading