Pear, Fennel, Red Onion, and Butternut Squash Gratin

With the holiday season approaching, I’m finding inspiration for pear recipes everywhere I look. Take this week’s recipe, for example. A gratin is a classic holiday dish – it’s rich and festive and it makes the perfect accompaniment to roasted meat. So why not incorporate beautiful red pears for added sweetness, color, and seasonality? The combination of flavors in this gratin is truly unique. The creamy roasted butternut squash, the lightly liquorice-y flavor of roasted fennel, the tanginess of the vintage cheddar – they all harmonize perfectly with the honey-sweetness of the roasted pears. Try this recipe in place of roasted yams at Thanksgiving or as an addition to your Christmas dinner table. Any leftovers you’re lucky enough to end up with will keep well in the refrigerator, and will taste even better in the days following your big holiday Continue reading