Happy Mother’s Day with USA Pears

It’s time to honor Mom this weekend (although I should already be doing that every day, she tells me), and I have some fresh gift ideas: Edible Arrangements! Now Featuring Pears! (Although adorably tiny Seckels aren’t in season right now, you could add a small Green Anjou or two – or create your own custom bouquet from scratch!) If you can’t find small pears (or don’t want to make a gargantuan arrangement to accommodate the regular-sized ones), here’s an alternative: chocolate-dipped fruit, including artfully dipped pear slices to eliminate browning worries. And a third, lovely idea: a table centerpiece for your Mother’s Day brunch. More decor ideas here. Cheers to Moms everywhere! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Pearfect Summer Nights

I’m back with more on the pear décor front, just in time to enjoy these sultry August nights. I’ve seen these elegant candles everywhere from Monterey, CA to Hood River, OR, and generous friends have thought of me when seeing them, too, as my mantel is currently graced with a trio of Vance Kitira “Timber Pears.” They’ve been lined up on a porcelain tray, white-seafoam-white, and while they’re a lovely centerpiece in themselves, I recently thought of a fitting way to fully enjoy them when I can’t enjoy the real thing—a Bosc or Concorde eaten fresh out of hand. Here’s the simple recipe: warm outdoor evening + pear candle + mason jar. It’s romantic, elegant, and easy. I’d love to gather all my closest friends on my backyard deck (sitting on my hypothetical patio furniture) with these dotting the railing Continue reading

Spotted: Pears at My House

I recently moved into a new place with plenty of space for me to unpack a bunch of boxed-up décor items that I have accumulated over the last few years. Among these treasures are, of course, various pears in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Since I started working at the Pear Bureau three years ago, many gifts that I have received for birthdays and Christmas – and sometimes even “just because” – have been pear-related: lotions, candles, dish towels, figurines, etc.  While I am a self-proclaimed pear nerd, and have been known to exclaim how beautiful a pear is before slicing it up for a snack, I am picky about my pear décor.  The items may be vintage or modern, but not kitschy.  My goal is subtlety – I have, in fact, been called the “pear lady,” but have no Continue reading

Get Crafty: Pear Tawashi

I like to say pears are an elegant fruit, but give them some googly eyes and a sweet smile, and they can also be adorable. Take this pear dish scrubber, for example. It’s functional, simple, and fun! Thanks to Salihan Crafts for the easy-to-follow tutorial and the sweet photos. Ready to tackle this at home? Share the results on our Facebook page! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn