A Shopping Tradition

This photo from one of our traditional market promotions in Mexico has me longing for sunshine and farmers markets!  Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a few more months for both to start popping up here in Portland.  In Mexico, as well as other parts of Latin America, traditional markets are a popular destination for shoppers – and they sell more fresh fruits and vegetables than the supermarkets each year!  Indoor or outdoors, you’ll find a wide selection and affordable prices. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

I Want a Pear!

More details to come, but here’s a preview of another exciting promotion we have coming up in Mexico! The Wannabes Starring Savvy is a TV show that airs in Latin America about six students at an arts academy boarding school with dreams of becoming pop stars, even though their school only teaches the classics.  Luckily they find a local café where they can rock out, with a different disguise every week to hide from their strict principal. USA Pears are such a sweet and juicy snack, it’s no wonder they ins-PEAR-ed this song! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

¡Participar en la Aventura!

Following last Spring’s successful Marmaduke promotion, USA Pears is proud to partner again with Fox Pictures in Mexico for the premiere of their Gulliver’s Travels movie, starring Jack Black – an adventure of huge flavor!  In addition to billboards across the cities, kids can visit grocery stores in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara to sample delicious USA Pear varieties and have their picture taken with character cutouts and receive a special frame as a gift. Gulliver’s Travels opens here in the U.S. on December 25 as a new twist on the classic story.  While on assignment to complete an article about the Bermuda Triangle, Gulliver is transported to Lilliput, where he is significantly larger than the island’s tiny citizens. Gulliver’s Travels Teaser Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Sports Candy!

Lazy Town is a children’s TV program starring Sportacus – a super hero whose mission is to revive the citizens of Lazy Town by encouraging them to be active and eat healthy fruits and vegetables known as “Sports Candy” (or “Dulces Sanos,” in Spanish). Throughout the month of November, Mexican kids can visit their local grocery stores to participate in a nutrition game at home, keeping track of their servings of fruits and vegetables with a Lazy Town sticker book.  Kids that eat five servings of Sports Candy for three days in a row get to go online with their parents and download a free episode of Lazy Town.  At certain stores, kids will even get the chance to meet Sportacus and other residents of Lazy Town in person! Pears are a nutritious addition to healthy diet – and fruits and vegetables as Continue reading

¡Vive a lo grande con Peras USA!

If you haven’t already heard, USA Pears just launched our brand-new, redesigned Spanish language site, www.perasusa.com!  It’s the go-to destination for all of our Spanish-speaking pear lovers, including recipes, variety information, and special promotions. Speaking of special promotions, we’re very excited to be partnering with Fox Pictures for an awesome new contest for shoppers in Mexico.  Marmaduke is a new movie (which opens here in the U.S. on June 4) starring a loveable Great Dane that “Vive lo Grande,” which can translate to “living large” or “live life to the fullest.” Shoppers that purchase 2 kg of USA Pears during the promotion will receive a scratch and win ticket with a chance at a number of prizes, including an iPod Touch, Nano, and Shuffle, as well as Frisbees for families to play with their own dogs at home.  Kids can Continue reading

Pear Margaritas!

USA Pears are sure to be a hit at your Cinco de Mayo fiesta! Our Mexican friends to the south sent us this recipe that will add some authenticity to your celebration. For under-21 pear lovers, we recommend substituting a lemon-lime soda for the tequila. You don’t have to miss out on the party! Ingredients 2 Anjou Pears ½ cup Tequila 1 stick Cinnamon Sugar, to taste Crushed ice, to taste Crushed cinnamon, to taste (optional) Directions Dice the pears. Put water in a saucepan and cook the pears with the cinnamon stick and the sugar until they are cooked and begin to fall apart. Blend the pears and strain. Put the pear blend back in the blender and add the Tequila, sugar to taste, and ice. Blend and serve in glasses; sprinkle some cinnamon on top (optional). Garnish with Continue reading

Así son las Peras USA

I just returned from a trip to Mexico, and had the opportunity to see a variety of our different USA Pear promotions in action.  In the produce section of the supermarket, Mexican shoppers can often spot demonstrators handing out samples, recipe brochures, and nutrition information about USA Pears.  We also have many activities for kids: in schools, children’s museums, and in stores as well for the little ones that tag along shopping with mom and dad.  The giant Pear Buddy puzzle below is just one example – did you notice baby Seckel in the bottom right corner?  Pears are a sweet substitution for candy and other sugary treats that kids love to snack on! Our Spanish-speaking USA Pear enthusiasts can visit Club de Peras for video games, kids’ recipes, coloring sheets, and other fun activities that teach kids about nutrition Continue reading

Hola, Peras USA

I just got back from Mexico on a trip to represent USA Pears at Expo ANTAD, which is Mexico’s biggest retail tradeshow.  Before traveling to Guadalajara for the show, I flew into Mexico City to visit the markets – it’s the most populated city in North America (did you know that?), so of course it is full of shoppers that love USA Pears. So as we were on our way to the wholesale market, what else did we happen to come upon but a billboard for USA Pears? And it happened again as we were leaving the public market!  Purely coincidental.  “Tan dulces como tú…Así son las Peras USA” translates to “As sweet as you are…so are USA Pears.”  As you can tell from the photos, this billboard reminds families, especially moms, that pears are a nutritious choice for a Continue reading