Bon Appétit!

In July, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported that Mexico is now the world’s most obese nation, just edging out the United States. Obesity is a problem around the world; global rates have doubled since 1980 (FAO). This increase in obesity has been attributed to the widespread availability of low-cost, low-nutrient foods that are high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories. The food and health problems that are debilitating America, unfortunately, are also debilitating many other nations. I recently returned from France and Belgium and my favorite international activity is visiting local groceries, markets, and farms. I love to learn about other cultures’ cuisines. While passing through a Parisian street market selling fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses, and fresh baked breads, I realized that Europeans shop in a very different manner than Americans. Most whom I observed Continue reading