Baked Pear Parcels with Lemon Chamomile Sauce

When you work for the Pear Bureau, you have a totally legit excuse to scour the internet for new and exciting pear recipes during work hours, and trust me I take full advantage of it! Here’s a recipe I came across by Sala Kannan, a software services entrepreneur by day, cook/food blogger by night and the brains behind Enjoy!     Baked Pear Parcels Makes 2 generous servings Bosc Pears -2 (ripe but firm) Walnuts – 3 tbsp Brown sugar – 2 tbsp Flour – 1 tbsp For the crust All purpose flour – 4 oz Butter – 4 oz (I used Land O’ Lakes light butter) Sugar – 1/4 cup Salt – a pinch Vanilla extract – 1/8 tsp   Preheat oven to 375F.   To make the crust, combine all ingredients (flour through vanilla) in a bowl. Using your finger Continue reading

Pearing Up with Good Day Oregon

On February 4, Andy Carson hung out with us at Portland specialty cheese and wine shop Foster and Dobbs, and showed thousands of viewers a few of the marvelous things pears pair well with. Beginning at 4:30 a.m. (eek!), pears were featured on Fox 12’s Good Day Oregon. Here’s a recap of some of mouth-watering pairings created by Foster and Dobbs’ own Luan Schooler: Bosc Pears + Rogue River Blue Cheese If you’re a blue cheese lover and this is the first time you’re learning of Rogue River Blue…you’re welcome. Each exquisite wheel is hand wrapped in grape leaves that have been bathed in, drum roll please, pear brandy. This cheese tasted incredible with the sweetness and subtle spice of Bosc pears, even at 4:30 in the morning! Red and Green Anjou + Swiss and Gruyere Fondue Here’s a shot Continue reading