Vacation is over…now what?

Summer is vacation season, and vacation often means splurging—usually on food and drink. Dietitians are no exception to this rule! I once gained ten pounds on a three-week stint in northern Italy, mostly from pizza, pasta, and wine. Now that you’re home, how do you get back on track? Well you don’t have to become a hermit or only eat lettuce. Here are five simple steps to help you feel your best while dealing with the post-vacation blues! 1) Eat! Each day make sure your meals and snacks are filling – protein, fat, and fiber are nutrients that keep you satisfied longer and limit sugar spikes that lead to bingeing. Veggie omelets, fruit plus low-sugar yogurt, grilled chicken salad (light on the dressing), or a PBJ on whole grain bread are quick meals that provide a combination of these nutrients. 2) Continue reading

Merry and Light?

I have been counseling one of my culinary students for weight loss; she has been successful and is very determined to lose weight through the holidays. Although I know she can, it’s important for each of us to relax and take care of ourselves in every way at this time of year. Generally I suggest that the holidays are a good time to maintain weight, rather than lose. Many of us experience increased stress, more social events, limited exercise schedules, and an abundance of treat foods! Although weight loss is possible, why not focus on exercise, eating well, and allowing some holiday enjoyment?  After the New Year, set healthy goals and go for it! Having a healthy relationship with food and outlook on the holidays is important, as is enjoying yourself and your social calendar. Here are some tips for Continue reading

Lifelong Lessons

Watching my students march across the commencement stage fills me with wistfulness. No more research papers or presentations for the time now, but fond memories of another class of students moving out into the world. How quickly time moves! It’s these moments that remind me I need to slow down, take a deep breath, and make time for myself, too. I have been weighed down with schoolwork, and just like many people beleaguered with piles of work, I haven’t been eating well, making time to exercise, or sleeping enough. As a dietitian I know how important it is to fill these basic needs, but I have found myself being trapped by the most common barrier to living a healthy life – I’ve been making excuses! I told myself I had too many papers to grade, not enough time to exercise Continue reading