Pear Bowl 2010

´╗┐Last Friday, the Cashmere Bulldogs faced off against the Cascade Kodiaks of Leavenworth in the 40th annual Pear Bowl. The rivalry takes place in the heart of our pear growing regions in central Washington, where the teams are friendly, but the competition is fierce! Cashmere continued its winning streak this year, defeating the Kodiaks 35-6 and clinching the title for the fourth consecutive year. Bosco joined the team mascots and cheerleading squads to rally the crowds with fleece USA Pears hats and plush Pear Buddies. After the game, Leavenworth Echo Sports Editor Ian Dunn chose the Pear of the Game. This year, the Pear of the Game players were Cascade┬ásenior wide receiver Ethan Nash and Cashmere quarterback Tyler McNair. Congratulations! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn